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Doodle-ography is featured on THE UUA's worship web!
(Scroll down for the doodling pages when you get there.)

What is Doodle-ography?

It is focused doodling and a fun, relaxing way to open to the creativity and inner wisdom that is in each of us.

• A gently guided, visual meditation
• Accessible even to those who may struggle with other forms of meditation
• A way to unplug from the digital age
• There is no right or wrong way to do it
• For all ages and abilities
• Beneficial to artists and the artistically challenged alike

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The journal contains quotes and simple outlined images. Filling them with doodles is both relaxing and inspiring.

What is the Doodle-ography Journal?

It is part journal, part sketch book, part spiritual guide­book.

• It fits easily in a purse or briefcase
• It can be used anywhere, without a desk or table
• You will create a beautiful keepsake
• Make your own coloring book

In the journal, you will find:
• Simple graphics and symbols to fill with doodles
• Quotes from great books, scientists, world religions
• Plenty of room for more doodles
• A page with tips for getting started
• A page with background information and research
• Smooth, high-quality paper which accepts ink beautifully
• Strong wire binding, like a quality sketch book

And… it turns out doodling while listening helps you retain MORE INFORMATION, not less…


Everyone can benefit from this activity regardless of ability level. There is therapeutic benefit for all.

Doodle-ography is a way to relax [and withdraw] from all electronics and everyday hustle and bustle, to just do what comes into your mind, and let it flow. I am hooked, especially to see the finished product!