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Doodle-ography Journal (for everyone)

The Journal contains quotes and simple graphics waiting to be filled and embellished with doodles. Quiet doodling connects us to the inner wisdom and creativity in each of us. The words and images in the journal connect us to the inspiring women and men in history, world religions, ancient cultures, great books, and nature, from which they are drawn.

New! The revised second edition of the journal retains much of what made the first edition so popular, with a few new and different quotes and images. Some of the quotes have been expanded to include more of the original source, and attributions have been checked and corrected. The revised journal now offers an even deeper invitation into contemplation and points us more clearly toward the source traditions and authors.

before and after

Page from the Doodle-ography Journal—before and after.
Doodles by Kymberly Lasser.

How to use the journal. Keep the journals and a good pen handy and use it to support a daily practice of quiet contemplation. Or take it with you in your briefcase and purse to use it in meetings, on the bus or train, or in waiting rooms. It can provide an oasis of calm in our busy days. When the pages have all been filled, you will have a lovely tangible record of your journey (as well as a possible lifetime practice). You may even want to pull out your favorite pages and frame them, or give them to someone who would appreciate them.

For a sample of doodled pages from the journal, see the Gallery. And once you have created pages of your own, please scan or photograph your favorites and email them to us to add to our gallery!

What Doodle-ography can do: Doodling in the journal nurtures quiet contemplation and can be used as a stand alone meditation practice, or in combination with other practices. It also acts as an aid to attentive listening. Recent research demonstrates that doodling actually improves retention of auditory information. MORE INFORMATION

Who should use this journal? Anyone of any ability can use the Doodle-ography Journal. It is definitely not just for artists or people who know they are "artistic." It is a wonderful way those of us who have been told that we are not artistic can reconnect with our creativity. All ages can use this journal, but it is especially designed for adults and young adults.

How to get started: Each journal contains tips forgetting started. We also offer Workshops designed to get you and your group off to a good start and to enable you to get the most that Doodle-ography has to offer.

We offer volume discounts as follows:
1-4 journals, no discount
5-9 journals, save 10% ($1.60 off each journal)
10+ journals, save 20% ($3.20 off each journal)

We also have two journals specially designed for young people, available only on this website.

• A Young Unitarian Universalist’s Doodle-ography Journal

• A young SEEKER'S (interfaith) Doodle-ography Journal