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A Young Seeker's (interfaith) Doodle-ography Journal

The Journal contains words and images that connect children and youth with the wisdom from world religions and the Earth. With the use of these prompts, children explore and meditate visually, through doodling.

Baltimore yearly meeting

Youth waiting for the next activity at Baltimore Yearly Meeting's Annual Session can't seem to stop doodling in their journals!

How to use the journal in class: Keep the journals and a supply of good pens handy in the class room or at church and get them out whenever the kids need to calm down and center themselves. By the end of the year each child will also have created a beautiful visual memento of their journey to take home and keep. See our Gallery of “doodled” pages.

What Doodle-ography can do: The journal can be used to encourage quiet contemplation and it has also been used very successfully as a support for attentive listening. Recent research demonstrates that doodling actually improves retention of auditory information. Doodling has also proven a very effective aid to increasing focus for children who struggle with attention and anxiety issues. MORE INFORMATION

Who should use this journal? This journal is designed for youth, primarily for children ages 6 through 14, though younger children enjoy it as well. It is perfect for middleschool aged children. Highschool youth are happy using this journal or the ADULT EDITION. Both are interfaith in nature and appropriate for use in religious as well as secular youth programs.

How to get started: Each journal contains tips forgetting started. We also offer Workshops designed to get you and your group off to a good start and to enable you to get the most that Doodle-ography has to offer.

The Young Seeker's Journal is available from this website only. We have made every effort to keep it as affordable as possible, especially for classes or church groups.

We offer volume discounts for use in classes:
1-4 journals: $12 a piece.
5-9 journals: $11 a piece.
10+ journals: $10 a piece.

We also have a journal for adults:

• Doodle-ography Journal (for Everyone)

And one for Unitarian Universalist youth:

• A Young Unitarian Universalist’s Doodle-ography Journal